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Hey, my name is Lieselotte!
I'm from The Netherlands. I am always here to help, so if you ever need to talk, you can come to me. I feel that I should make others happy, when I have the chance to do so. =) My passion is singing, I do it all day long. Also playing the guitar and piano/keyboard. I'm very creative. I'm 17 years old and I loooove the colour Green, Glee (until season 4), Disney, cheesy romance, Wemma, Jaydam, Jayma Mays, Anne Hathaway and Carice van Houten(the best dutch actress ever). And the series I watch (and the actors in them) of course. Which are The big bang theory, Bones, New girl, How I met your mother, Skins, Modern family, The Millers and Glee (only if there's Wemma, since season 5, sorry). I've always been the one everyone talks to, so don't hold back please! You can tell and ask me EVERYTHING, I will never judge.

Actually, I just blog about everything. This has become a random blog, so if you like a particular thing just take a look at my pages. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy it!

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Okay, please listen up!

I am still looking for the Wemma fanfiction “Friends with benefits.”(I believe that was the title.) It’s about Will and Emma being best friends before getting together and there’s one chapter when Emma falls at the stairs in her building and her leg is broken and she calls Will and then she gets a cast. And she has trouble getting in bath.
And they eat dinner together. They hate the microwave lasagna, but eat it anyways.

Basically it is just an amazing fic and I absolutely love that story. Sadly enough I’m almost sure it got deleted.

So if you have any idea who wrote it, where it is or if you’re the writer. Please post it again or message me. PLEASE!!! I NEED THAT FIC! I LOVE THAT FIC. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!

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With benefits!


hey guys! so there was this AMAZING fanfic called with benifits. I cant seem to find it! do any of you know who wrote it or have it saved? 


please message me if you know! 

I have EXACTLY the same problem!!! I LOVE that story soooo much and read it pretty often! But it’s deleted! I don’t know why! I want it back! =(

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Fanfic recomendation 1: The perfect couple →


Rated T - by  Lieflotje

Lieflotje: OMG! I just stopped breathing when I saw this, THANKS! Totally forgot to post it myself! ilu! X

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Hey, dear Wemma fanfic readers! Here's a new one, read and review, hope you like it! X →

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